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µTorrent is a compact but powerful BitTorrent client that takes up few system resources. Compared to other BitTorrent clients, µTorrent is not only easy to use, but fun to use.

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Despite how light uTorrent is, however, uTorrent is not lacking in functions. uTorrent has all the expected features of a complete BitTorrent client, like RSS feed integration, a powerful statistics panel, net assistants, auto power-off, task organizer and many other advanced options. Now, you can downloaduTorrent for free!

Clean and Simple Interface

Each element of uTorrent´s window is perfectly positioned. The buttons on the toolbar are easy to use.

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For millions of users, uTorrent's greatest feature is how customizable it is. New skins and apps can be added to uTorrent in seconds.


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Faster Downloads

uTorrent is developed by the founders of the BitTorrent protocol so it always has the best, newest algorithms that most efficiently schedule downloads.

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Faster Than Ever

uTorrent is the fastest BitTorrent client so even legacy PCs can download torrent files with ease.

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